Spying? Hardly!

Spying on Lucy

Lucy: “We were going to make a spy video but I couldn’t stop looking at him lol so he just came inside. I have actually been spied on before and let me be honest about this, it was actually a little creepy and a little sad. I was changing in my bedroom at home and my room is on the first floor. I heard like a tick sound against the window and looked but I didn’t see anything. Anyway I got undressed and put on my robe and I heard it again so I went over there and looked down. I saw the guy who lived next door to me crouched under the window holding a video camera. He was hunched over trying to hide in the bushes. I was so freaked I actually pretended I didn’t see him. Oh, btw, he was like 65 years old! The guy was so sweet too, and sad in a way since he had no wife or kids around. I felt bad for him and creeped out at the same time. I usually kept my shade down when I changed after that until I moved again. That guy is prolly the only one who has fully nude videos of me since I never confronted him about it or told anyone except a few of my friends.”

SM: “I like how she let him keep the videos. He might have hundreds…”